A skilled business analytics team derives the right clues from a sea of information, leading to new insights about your business to dramatically improve your bottom line. It’s relatively easy and common to utilize Business Intelligence approaches to see what’s happened in the past, but its knowing what will happen in the future that offers the most potential to help you make the most important decisions and put the game changing strategies in place to grow your business. Predictive Analytics and Optimization guidance are the game changers that let you manage the future with confidence.

Our Expertise

Our team of highly-credentialed analytics experts provides unique, powerful analytics solutions to help you continually get the most from your data to achieve a sustained competitive advantage. We offer analytical services for Customers in a range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, consumer products, insurance and the public sector.

Predictive Analytics And Optimization

CGN provides more than just data analysis applying subject matter expertise, Predictive Analytics and Optimization guidance in areas such as supply chain & operations, collaboration & procurement strategy, emerging markets strategy, organizational transformation and business technology strategy across many industries.

CGN’s Business Analytics Practice utilizes sophisticated Predictive Analytics and Optimization techniques to assess and help you manage your business operations with utmost efficiency. Our team of seasoned analytics experts, many with PhD-level credentials, will give you the forward-looking insights you need to address critical business needs. With the ability to anticipate what the future holds, you can develop plans and strategies with confidence.

Learn How We Apply Predictive Analytics And Optimization For Use In:

Our Analytic Solutions

Leveraging our deep expertise in many industries, CGN has developed a suite of Hosted solutions to give our Customers 24/7 access to sophisticated analysis tools to better manage their businesses. We take the headaches out of managing on-premise solutions. We’ll manage the business solution for you and make your analytics tools available through your Web browser. Contact us to learn about the solutions we’ve built, and how we can build a custom solution for you.

Our Partners

CGN has formed partnerships with an elite group of companies that provide products and services that facilitate CGN providing the finest Analytics services and products. Click here for more information on our Partnerships.