The CGN Edge: Transformation Framework

Markets, customers, commodity prices, government regulations, globalization and competition – these are just some of the factors that drive change every business cycle. For a company to be successful, it has to adopt and transform in response to these factors. For most companies, this means changing about 20 percent of the way they do business in every business cycle to survive and sustain. It is this agile change, the 20 percent that determines 80 percent of a company’s future value, that we call The Edge.

The Edge is the substance of our firm. It is simultaneously the cause, the effect and the measure of our success as a team. It represents our purpose and our mission as an organization and our ever-clearer vision for the decades to come. The Edge is a vivid strategy and plan that has moved us forward and brought us great success. Looking from the outside in, it is the value, the differentiation and the innovation that has become CGN in the marketplace. It has allowed us to grow financially, globally, systematically and profitably. It has allowed us to grow our team, our customers, our capability and our value – one day at a time – one client at a time – one engagement at a time.

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The CGN Core Principles

The core of the CGN Edge is a set of principles that we implicitly accept, unequivocally believe and continuously operate under. These principles allow us to measure and maintain the extraordinary expectation of excellence in all that we do and create an exceptional sense of value and team. The principles allow us to contend with tremendous business challenges faced by our customers and to create timeless solutions. They are at the core of our unique approach and the exceptional results that define us, representing the ideas that make us successful both as individuals and as a firm. They are also the ideas by which we measure the value and impact of our work. We reinforce and reaffirm the following principles every day, with each member of our team and every customer we touch.

  • Global Competitiveness: Economic competitiveness leads to the growth and health of the global economy. We measure our solutions by the sustainable, global competitiveness that they impart to our customers.
  • Agility and Speed: We enhance agility and speed to ensure that we are always responsive to the changing needs of our customers and markets.
  • Ecosystem Collaboration: We help our customers build successful ecosystems to ensure innovation and sustained competitiveness.
  • Business Innovation: We are known for our business innovation, which requires an understanding of constraints, a clear sense of purpose and the courage to think differently.
  • Systems and Scientific Thinking: Application of science and systems thinking creates differentiation, fundamental change and structural, sustained results for businesses.