Enterprise Application And Business Systems

Your enterprise applications power mission-critical data and provide the business processes that deliver true competitive advantage. We offer cutting edge technology and deep process driven Business Transformation solutions across the value chain in the areas of ERP, Supply Chain, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). With our deep roots in leading industry packages such as SAP, augmented by our extensive custom software development expertise, allows us to effectively enable your business processes and overcome any technical challenge that may arise. We help global organizations implement & run Industry specific best practice processes, maximizing and extending business value with reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and enhanced productivity.

At CGN Global, we know that an enterprise can be both efficient and effective when technology acts as an enabler for business processes. Many organizations take a silo approach to each—often due to employees in each function with differing agendas and knowledge bases—not allowing for effective utilization of Enterprise Applications.

At CGN, we have the knowledge, experience and collaborative mindset in both areas of business and technology throughout the entire value chain, product lifecycle and with a focus on Lean practices and creating maximum value for customers.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Data and insight are the two key aspects of Business Intelligence. They are very distinct but an organization cannot have true Business Intelligence with one but not the other. Companies today have more data than they can possibly handle—and yet the challenge lies not in acquiring more data, but drive key insights out of that data. In order to do so, our clients rely on CGN Global to create a business intelligence system that turns that data into relevant and timely information which in turn bolsters sound decision making.

CGN Global’s Business Intelligence solutions help you uncover the goldmine of insights buried within your organization and share them across the company. Our team will work closely with you to define the BI strategy that delivers maximum value. We can create the information architecture for an optimized data warehouse, and then integrate reporting, analytics and information-sharing with the tools that your people already know and use every day.

With our proven implementation frameworks and intellectual assets, coupled with our industry experience, we’ll deliver the BI services you need to get your organization working smarter, faster and more cost effectively.

For more information on our Business Intelligence capabilities, please browse our Analytics Services.

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