BREXIT: Understanding the Impact, Preparing for Change

This document discusses the fallout, impact and potential outcomes of the British exit from the European Union. And although there is no immediate change, companies must be proactive now to understand their exposure and remain agile enough to adjust course when the time comes.

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Excellence Through Quality Assurance

This document explains the Software Quality Assurance and Testing processes followed at CGN Global that help in delivering high quality software products with a lower budget for Fortune 500 companies.

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Driving Business Process Excellence with Lean

This paper details several projects state and federal agencies have implemented to Lean out their processes. These examples demonstrate how states are doing more with their existing resources; positively affecting performance, delivering measurable outcomes and cost savings and establishing an environment for creating continuous improvement.

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Collaborative Cost Management: A New Basis for Understanding and Controlling Costs

This paper explores collaborative cost management as a well-rounded approach to enabling supply chain improvements that help companies stay ahead of the competition.

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Emerging Markets: Is Your Company Up to the Challenge?

As more companies make great strides within emerging markets, doing business in these countries has become integral to growth strategies. The Emerging Markets Readiness Quotient diagnostic tool helps companies evaluate their preparedness to enter these booming, complex and challenging markets.

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Employee Engagement: A Systemic Approach to High Employee Engagement

The many positive outcomes of improved employee engagement enhance an organization’s competitiveness. Retaining and engaging employees, particularly high performers, is critical to achieving competitive advantage and performance goals.

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Global Emerging Markets – Developing a Manufacturing and Distribution Footprint in an Emerging Market

How can companies compress their decision cycle while establishing the right investment plan for emerging markets? This paper provides a look at key best practices companies are following today and provides a guide for any company looking to thrive in an emerging market.

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