Your SAP Partner

The value of CGN Global’s SAP services – besides the 18+ years of experience with 100+ successful SAP implementations – stems from our full enterprise services and end-to-end business transformation expertise. CGN Global’s SAP practice partners with global companies for SAP strategy, SAP consulting, Data Management and governance to sizing the SAP hardware across the entire SAP architecture of products. Our customers include Rockwell Automation, Philips, Medline, Welch Allyn, Kohler, BOB’s Discount Furniture, Johns Manville and Grainger to name a few.

Our experience in SAP implementations and project success has proven two things: one, that every organization is different and can receive unique benefits from SAP and two, that when we have been an integrated part of implementing an SAP solution, the result has always been success. The CGN Global SAP management team has extensive tactical and strategic experience in SAP implementations. CGN has the knowledge and successful practice in global implementation strategies, project management and execution that sets us apart from our competitors.

CGN looks at every technology engagement with a business focus. We assess overall business goals and key operational processes to determine the technology needed to enhance those processes and take the proactive steps toward reaching those goals. Furthermore, a new technology signifies a change in the way people do their everyday work, and the technology is only as effective as the internal adoption-rate. CGN assesses an organization's human capital and ensure the change fits, is accepted and is sustainable to continuous improvement within the company.