Market Entry Management

Enter New Markets with Confidence

As the current global economic downturn reshapes the world order, companies are thinking beyond their traditional market boundaries. However, exploring and entering new markets poses many strategic challenges since the company needs to understand not just the market’s width but its depth as well.

CGN Global's Market Entry Management solutions have enabled companies to understand and participate in the world’s most exciting and growing consumer markets, particularly India. CGN methodology has delivered creative and adaptive business solutions to respond to and innovate in new markets and be globally competitive.

How We Do It

CGN helps customers to make informed decisions about complex and diverse markets like India, China and Europe. We assess market potential and develop new branding strategies which we achieve by deploying our extensive experience and methodologies developed over two decades of consulting with leading Fortune 500 companies.

Our strategies are based on a “global” approach – operating worldwide with local branches based on customer needs. We look at 3 key cornerstones: operational excellence, customer intimacy and product differentiation. These factors are for any organization looking to penetrate a new market and are where companies need to focus in order to understand the customer in new markets, create products that solve their problems and produce those products as efficiently as possible.

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