Supplier Identification & Development

CGN Global’s Supplier Identification and Development service focuses on managing offshore sourcing by identifying cost structures in strategically targeted countries and establishing a procedure for execution. Our approach involved developing a clear, informed data-driven strategy for decision making and implementation of new suppliers.

Organizations are facing challenges such as competitive pressures, globalization, the opportunity and desire to enter developing, overseas markets and the growth of internet-driven supply chains. These issues have greatly increased the level of sourcing of products from Low Cost Countries (LLC) at less cost to the manufacturer rather than from existing, local suppliers. This strategy is becoming harder and harder to ignore and the most profitable, innovative companies are looking to outsource more effectively.

The main advantages and benefits of applying CGN’s Supplier Identification and Development approach into your strategy include:

  • Have the resources to research, locate and evaluate sources objectively, evaluate issues e.g. Intellectual Property, technology and quality by country/region. Office locations in LCC countries
  • Access to information developed from previous projects and market data. Worked with large companies to identify and develop suppliers / support localization plans
  • Knowledge of the overall process and best practice techniques is transferred to the customer throughout the sourcing exercise making it sustainable for the future

CGN Global has a proven methodology for Supplier Identification and Development that reduces the risks associated with outsourcing to LCCs. Our 5-stage structured and targeted approach, adapted to your company’s unique needs, helps to mitigate these risks and creates a sustainable competitive advantage.