Production & Operations Improvement

CGN Global’s Production & Operations Improvement service is focused on current process optimization through improvement without substantial capital investment. Maximum customer value doesn’t start with the output, it starts with the inputs and the processes those inputs go through in order to create an end product. Processes and operations usually include waste (time, space, material, etc.), manual tasks subject to human error, bottlenecks, unnecessary steps and other inefficiencies. Fixing these issues is the first step toward creating competitively advantageous customer satisfaction while meeting goals and objectives of the organization. These goals may include increasing profits and performance, reducing costs and meeting production schedules.

Through our experience and subject matter expertise, CGN has identified the following key steps to strategically transform production and operations:

  1. Voice of Process Gap Analysis – Defines baseline performance compared to current process performance; processes with increasing scrap rates and decreasing process
  2. Create Process Optimization Plan – Implement the necessary changes while formulating the optimization using diagnostic and statistical tools
  3. Implement Improvements – The actual proven process changes are integrated into the process at this point. The changes are documented and the new process is defined against the baseline process. Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) and Control Plans are updated and Customer Process Change Notification is communicated
  4. Process Validation – The optimized process is validated, Internal validation is performed and customer approval is requested (if applicable)

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Case Studies:

 Production & Operations Improvement: Steel and Mining OEM