Problem Solving

The Problem Solving methodology we at CGN deploy is a proven approach toward improving operational performance regardless of the issue causing the problem or the solution needed to fix it. Most organizational problems have an unnoticed ripple effect across the company – effecting operations, the end product and eventually customer satisfaction. Our 20+ years of Problem Solving experience enables us to quickly and accurately identify key problems, detect the causes at the most foundational level, and provide/implement the solution to improve overall organizational effectiveness.

CGN Global’s Problem Solving Service is based upon 4 fundamental constructs that must fit within any problem solving process. These constructs have been defined and forged through years of practical experience and thought leadership:

  1. Problem Definition – CGN uses our subject matter expertise, looking at the business from an Enterprise level down to specific process level. We use our invaluable experience to quickly and accurately find the operational definition of the problem – not the result and not the symptom.
  2. Fault Isolation – Using data we use point of cause and point of detection analysis, “Is – is not” analysis and other techniques to isolate the dominant factors and main effects to a process/product fault zone.
  3. Root Cause Analysis – The key here is being able to understand the difference between special causes, common causes and root causes. We at CGN are masters at identifying the root cause through a mix of art and science. Once identified, we can truly fix the heart of the problem and any interactions contributing to the problem.
  4. Corrective Action & Error Proofing – After turning the problem on and off it is critical to implement the corrective action and error proof the solution. At this point the root cause is fixed, eliminating the ripple effect it has on the rest of the process.

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