CGN China hosts Tsinghua University students

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 17:17 -- CGN Staff

Shanghai - CGN China hosted MBA students from Tsinghua University at CGN’s office in Shanghai, for an exchange of ideas and discussion, based on business & consulting.

Tsinghua University is a premiere school in China. The Tsinghua University students initially felt that most consulting companies were generally not as helpful and unable to execute. However, their visit to CGN Global immediately changed their perspective on the industry. The students were particularly impressed with CGN's capabilities, expertise, and focus on great execution.

CGN was able to build a strong relationship with this great university and the professionals attending. Tsinghua University officials were delighted to learn and study the different elements of CGN consulting. As a token of appreciation, Tsinghua University students presented CGN’s Aaron Lo & Harsh Koppula with two beautiful plaques.

The meeting was arranged by our very own Baohong Lo and supported by Ada Zhang.