Tara Canty Joins Health Care Practice


Elise AlKhafaji - Marketing Specialist CGN Global
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Peoria, IL – July 23, 2014 CGN Global is pleased to announce that Tara Canty, previously COO of Accountable Care at OSF Health Care System, has joined CGN as Vice President, Health Care Practice. “CGN Global is excited to have Tara Canty join our firm. She shares key values - our focus on employees and helping our customers improve their organization and business. Tara’s capabilities and talents complement the CGN Global Health Care Practice. She positions us well for continued expansion of our services and customers," said Seshadri Guha, Managing Partner at CGN Global.

"Having Tara join our Health Care Practice will allow our collective skills and talents to be utilized and enhance the customer experience. Combining our value-chain thinking and health care process knowledge that Tara possesses will create tremendous value for all stakeholders," said Harsh Koppula, Managing Partner at CGN Global.

Tara brings over 20 years experience in health care and her integration into CGN will expand the range of capabilities and support to better serve our firm’s clients. "In addition to Tara’s core expertise in health care that aligns to the very core of the CGN Global’s business, Tara brings significant expertise in leadership, strategy, process streamlining, and management that is complementary to CGN's Health Care Practice," said Guha.

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