Consultant Job Description

Job Information: As a consultant at CGN Global you will be solving business problems across one of the industries or niches inherent to the firm. These problems can range from developing new company strategies, developing IT platforms that allow for better visualization and understanding of data, to improving efficiency within supply chains. At CGN Global, the best idea wins regardless of tenure, which means your experiences in the military add a new dimension to our team.

If you seek a career that is fast paced with plenty of opportunities to travel, then this is a great career for you.

Transition Time: On your first day you will be assigned a Veteran Sponsor. This sponsor will help you navigate through your transition by helping you with gain the access to business specific education, learning to lead in civilian workforce, and work as a sounding board with any troubles you may possess.

Application Information: To learn more about the onboarding process please contact one the individuals listed below. To start the application process click here.