How We Improve Suppliers

At CGN, we believe in 4 key ingredients that - with the right mix - can drive sustained operational excellence and optimize the supply base. Those 4 ingredients - Strategy, People, Process and Technology encompass our philosophy of Supplier Performance Improvement Business Transformation.


Our approach to operational
excellence starts with a focused strategy that defines the
organization's goals and aligns
the goals with the vision


People translate strategy into action. We use a multi-disciplined approach to leverage people skills as the catalyst for action. The collaboration construct integrates people skills as the transformative language to excellence.


The correct mix of technologies is desired for optimal results. The technology cannot be to the point of waste — to the point of over processing — however, the technology must fit the application while allowing for customer satisfaction. Operational excellence utilizes the right amount and type for the application.


A set of common tasks that creates a product, service, process, or plan that will satisfy a customer or group of customers. Processes are largely affected by personnel, materials, equipment, methods and the work environment.

CGN Global’s Supplier Performance Improvement practice benefits are possible through our proven methodologies and hands-on services performed and perfected with suppliers like you for over 20 years:
  • Supplier Assessments – A targeted assessment method tailored to assess a supplier’s technology, diversification, and performance metrics or to assess the organization against the benchmarked leaders in the industry
  • Supplier Strategic Improvement Planning – Details the supplier's core competencies, business and financial health, customer alignment and business vision. Defines the organizations' strategy/direction and is the roadmap for strategic decisions, allocation of resources and execution of business planning
    • Problem SolvingDistinctive, strategic problem solving approach; structured yet flexible enough for complex problems and unique client needs
    • New Product IntroductionProcess validation, Part move execution, Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
    • Production & Operations Improvement - Facility moves, First time quality improvement, Parts per Million (PPM) Reduction, Scrap reduction
    • Production System Improvement - New plant start-ups, Work Cell developments, Value Stream Transformations, Lean Manufacturing Implementation
    • Lean Operations Implementation– Eliminates waste in administrative and service areas using lean techniques to increase efficiency and throughput
    • Variation Reduction & Process Capability Improvement - Focused on processes (welding, painting, etc.), Improve Process Capability (Cpk), Measurement System Capability
    • Quality Management System Development - Process/ Quality Audits, Quality Manuals – Document Control, SPC Program, Implementing layered audits, Preventive Maintenance Program

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