CGN Global’s Capacity management

CGN Global’s Capacity management starts with a thorough evaluation to accurately gauge the current state then rapidly plans and implements capacity improvement efforts to impact the OEM’s bottom-line, top-line and key performance metrics.


  • Supplier capacity
    • Equipment
    • Resources
    • Growth strategy
  • Supplier capability
    • Ability to meet OEM quality
    • Talent Management
  • OEM-Supplier relationship
    • Current vs. desired relationship model
    • Mutual goals, win-win mindset
  • OEM-Supplier communication


  • Meet short, mid & long-term capacity goals
  • Plan and Implement supplier capacity improvement roadmap
    • Detailed business plan
    • Process improvement roadmap
    • Information management plan
    • Alternate options to meet capacity requirements
    • Training to increase capacity
    • Tier 2/3 constraints mitigation plan
    • Short, mid & long term relationship

Typical OEM Benefits

  • Dramatic increase in supplier capacity
  • Increased ability to produce & ship on time
  • Achievement of OEM revenue & profitability targets
  • Improved response time & value chain reliability/flexibility
  • Decreased supply chain complexity
  • Enhanced supplier capability
  • Alignment of supplier to OEM strategic goals
  • Reduced inventory
  • Elimination of line-down issues
  • Clarity & visibility on risks with

How we do it.

CGN Generally Takes A 6 Step Approach Towards Sustainable Capacity Management:

The key outcome of CGN’s supplier capacity transformation is the achievable idea of sustainability. Customer demand will always be a rollercoaster with twists, turns and 50-foot drops. Organizations often invest millions of dollars throughout the year increasing the capacity of their suppliers when needed, and are left with excess when demand suddenly takes a dive. CGN uses a workshop based approach to enable suppliers to be more efficient and effective and able to ramp up/ramp down capacity with ease, resulting in huge benefits to all parties’ bottom lines and invaluable customer satisfaction.

CGN Generally Takes A 6 Step Approach Towards Sustainable Capacity Management:
  • Supplier Identification and Engagement - a critical first step in developing a collaborative program that defines the relevant level of intervention with suppliers
  • Deep Dive Capacity Assessments - involve “doing the homework” prior to supplier visits as well as detailed on-site assessments for identifying all capacity challenges at a business level
  • Mitigation Planning - establishes commitment through clear understanding of roles & responsibilities, timeline and investment expectations from both sides
  • Enterprise Capacity Planning & Modeling - Tactical action plans are augmented with a strategic understanding of the mid-long term supply and demand gaps across the supply base to further refine the mitigation plans
  • Governance - collaboration, coordination and control are extremely important for providing continuous focus on the common goals of the program and ensuring success
  • Action Plan Management - ultimately, relentless execution by working the plan is the key to achieving success

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