Our Latest Design And Development Work

www.flychicago.com: Recognized by Microsoft as a SharePoint site of the month. Read our case study on flychicago.com

www.kraftcanada.com: Recognized by Microsoft as a SharePoint site of the month

Benefits Of Professional Website Design And Development

  • Strong aesthetic appeal based on creative design and expert user experience to make a strong first impression, increase stickiness and click-through rate
  • Based on user tendencies, we are able to showcase what you do best, directing visitors towards the most important/highest ROI parts of your website
  • These days word travels fast, and the companies with superior designs and site usability are recognized as customer-centric faster than ever – creating more inbound links, better search engine results, resulting in more visitors and increased revenue through website sales and calls-to-action
  • CGN uses all types of interactive features to ingrain users into a website, making even the most complex technology completely user friendly.
  • Bugs and technical issues can bounce people off a website as quick as anything – having a website professionally designed, developed and tested by seasoned professionals is a way to ensure browser capability and elimination of pesky website bugs that cloud and often kill the user experience.
  • Becoming a truly customer-focused organization allows a company to harness the transparency that they can no longer hide from, welcoming it as a sustainable competitive advantage.

How CGN Is Unique

CGN combines a unique blend of technology with business processes and employee change management. Technology should be a function of the business, enabling accomplishment of business goals and improved processes, all leading to better customer value. With corporate transparency being at an all-time high (and rising), the only true way to gain a competitive advantage is not to trick your customers, but give them more value than their alternatives. CGN understands and preaches this concept as a must for every company in today’s web-based world.

CGN has the experience and expertise in all types of web-based tools. We are particularly fluent in web design and development technologies such as:

Making It Happen

CGN Global has tackled design and development projects for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. We have completed numerous projects from concept design all the way through to launch and everything in between. With superior user-integrated design capabilities, quality assured creative development and business process acumen, CGN can partner with you to create an interactive website that pushes your business into the customer-relationship realm.

For more information on how CGN can assess your web-based needs and develop a strategy for a unique customer experience, please contact: