CGN Global & partner Tada Cognitive Solutions to Share a Supply Chain Digitalization Success Story at Texas Supply Chain & Manufacturing Summit

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PEORIA, Ill., October 7, 2019 – Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summit 2019 – Partners CGN Global and Tada Cognitive Solutions will present two topics on Supply Chain Digitalization with a customer success story at the 2nd Annual American Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summit.

CGN & Tada will share their success story about using smart data to drive business outcomes in a presentation to supply chain and manufacturing business leaders from across the United States.

In addition, CGN & Tada will be on site as exhibitors available to discuss and present supply chain and digital services, capabilities, and solutions.

About CGN Global

CGN’s bold and collaborative team of consultants transform businesses by delivering growth and operational efficiency solutions that exceed expectations. They are focused on delivering maximum ROI for you through relentless execution. They leverage deep industry experience in growth strategies, disruptive business models & technologies, product development & introduction, procurement, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and distribution channels to help you win.

About Tada Cognitive Solutions

Tada Cognitive Solutions is changing the way business is conducted. Their cognitive intelligence platform synthesizes your business model, operating model, and performance metrics data from disparate sources to create a Digital Duplicate® of your business. This is a live and dynamic digital replica of your entire operation allowing you to explore and exploit connections between previously siloed pieces of data.  As a decision maker, you can now navigate your entire business ecosystem by utilizing Tada’s suite of pre-fabricated, purpose-built applications to drive digital transformation and operational change throughout your enterprise, ten times faster and at a tenth of the cost of traditional Business Intelligence tools.

Together, CGN and Tada can drive strategic and operational transformation of your people and business processes.  Working in harmony, the two companies increase operational visibility to yield sustainable change across your entire supply chain.  This more coordinated and collaborative approach accelerates strategic decision-making and increases collaboration and problem solving.

About the American Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summit
The Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing Strategies Summit provides insights into the latest supply chain management technologies and innovations, agile customer-centric supply planning and optimization strategies, transparency, control and synchronization across all manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, quality, labor, maintenance and material flows, and much more.

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