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SCMPro - Jan. 2016

E-commerce How it is changing Supply Chains & Logistics

The core principles of logistics companies is reliable service and cost effectiveness...

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Progressive Grocer - Jan. 2016

Technology Driven Profits

Today, another round of technological possibilities are coming to the fro, enabling retailers to make fundamental..

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Progressive Grocer - Feb. 2016

The talent revolution needed in retail

Can automation actually replace people in retail? Far from it. There are many critical areas where sales..

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Progressive Grocer - Mar. 2016

Going back to basics

How can a retailer win and retain customer loyalty in today’s environment when the impact of e-retail is becoming more..

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FIRSTPOST - Apr. 2016

Demand forecasting: A practical solution in a volatile market

Essence of demand forecasting is aptly captured by the words, “A good forecaster is..

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In The News - Apr. 2016

Fresh Investments in Road & Rail - What it will mean for Indian Economy?

A perspective from Mr. Alagu Balaraman,Partner & Managing Director, India..

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Business Standard - May 2016

Perfecting the art of demand forecasting in volatile market

Improved demand forecast accuracy with next generation analytic solutions are..

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Progressive Grocer - May 2016

How to win the e-retail race - Focus on the challenges in the fulfilment

In the last article in this series, we touched upon the gains made by the..

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Progressive Grocer - June 2016

How to increase sales throughput

Various analysts and industry reports suggest that modern retail trade will see more than a six fold increase in..

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Efficient Manufacturing - June 2016

Quality: To be or not to be

The article talks about the need for a cultural shift from ‘acceptable quality’ to ‘outstanding quality’ in the..

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