CGN China Explores Motivational Management From a Methodology that has Stood the Test of Time

August 28, 2019 Posted by: Eva Jin

On August 21, CGN China, alongside the HR Club of global business school, "Chuang He Hui," successfully held a workshop activity with the theme of "exploring OKR in depth, and the new tools for improving enterprise performance," which brought alumni a unique, in-depth interpretation of OKR and unveiled the mystery behind this efficient management tool.

In this activity, two guests, Mr. Zheng Jun and Mr. Dou Yulong were invited. Both consultants have years of in-depth research and practical experience in OKR.

Mr. Zheng shared his story of OKR implementation in recent years. His company achieved amazing sales target (sales tripled in 2 years) after implementing OKR, now that his team is working positively towards new challenges. He combined OKR with Chinese philosophies and made a new interpretation of the management tool. According to Mr. Zheng, OKR is a rigorous thinking framework, with consistent discipline requirements, designed to ensure that employees work collaboratively and focus on measurable contributions that contribute to the growth of the organization.

He also pointed out the importance of team training by way of outside consultants, during OKR implementation. For example, to unify team thinking and communication, the Group Thinking tool and DISC behavioral analysis introduced knowledge into teamwork practices.

Finally, Mr. Zheng emphasized that during OKR implementation, inaction is the true courage of a leader and empowerment is the real business of leaders.

After Mr. Zheng’s experience sharing session, Mr. Dou listed the difficulties in the implementation of OKR and the corresponding solutions based on practical problems, including resources (corporate culture, management determination, tool utilization), stakeholders , self-restriction, and proposed corresponding solutions.

He also pointed out that the relationship between OKR and KPI should be integrated, rewards should be decided according to the actual situation, cross-department alignment should be ensured.

Mr. Dou concluded that OKR solves the problem of focusing on corporate goals, drives alignment of personal and organizational goals, as well as turning goals into actions.

Overall, effective OKR is a motivational management tool that helps teams identify what is important, what is optimal, and what trade-offs they need to make in their daily work.

The in-depth analysis and continuous interaction of the two guests heated up the atmosphere of the session. After sharing, alumni and guests had a collaborative discussion, expressing their opinions and understanding of OKR and sought assistance in the development of their enterprises.