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What is a Digital Transformation Strategy & Why is it Needed?

July 31, 2019 Posted by: Rohan Parambi
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As the 21st century’s ‘Information Age’ continues to be more frequently termed the ‘Digital Age,’ the role that digital plays in all aspects of information and business continues to be realized, as its impact continues to rise.

As business strategy has always evolved within its environment, digital strategy has become one of the principle, integral aspects to business growth and transformation-based strategy.

Digital strategy can be as narrow or broad as required; and encompass various areas, with incredible impact and value. It is an opportunity to use digital tools and capabilities to rethink, reshape, and revitalize an organization or business. It provides an opportunity to enhance any aspect of business strategy like data and information, technology, operating models, processes and people. Doing so drives efficiencies, synergies that CGN uses to create ‘S-curve’ performance step changes within the organization, its customers and competitors, and the industry.

digstrategyopp-1To maximize its effect, digital strategy needs to be aligned and be a part of a long-term business strategy. It should also support furthering a ‘Digital Enterprise’, where digital technology becomes a strategic, transformational edge. When aligned to strategy and goals, digital transformation would allow an exponential improvement in a multitude of areas.


From the point of conception, a digital strategy qualitatively and quantitatively understands the direct or indirect impact of changes on the organization and its financial performance is critical.

These changes can occur via innovations in digital technology or infrastructure, data and information, or digital connectivity. While the value can be hard to determine in some cases, the impact of these capabilities and their ability to create new ways of connecting and driving decision making should be expected. These can put a digital strategy in perspective and create a focal point of measurable KPIs to center on through the journey. The possibilities to create new internal and external market efficiencies, synergies, savings opportunities, and simplified processes is immeasurable. Alongside these impacts, unexpected benefits and outcomes should be tracked and assessed to continuously improve and gain the most out of a digital strategy.

The CGN Digital Strategy Edge

As organizations look to integrate a digital strategy into their long-term objective, CGN Global’s expertise and subject matter experts (SME’s) can be invaluable assets to the overarching goal of digital transformation. CGN’s effective evaluation of an organizations current state and gap assessment provides a digital road map to accelerate growth and transformation, taking the client from digital inception to actualization.

digstratenhanceCGN has had the opportunity to successfully assess and implement digital strategies among fortune 500 clients in the manufacturing, health care, supply chain, and technology arenas, including for civic, educational and non-profit organizations. CGNs diverse teams leverage past experiences to customize digital initiatives independently, or in conjunction with partners, to offer solutions from predictive analytics, to ERP implementation, to system integration, to digitization alongside Industry 4.0.