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Same-Day Delivery: Key to Keeping Up with Omnichannel Needs

October 16, 2019 Posted by: Krishna Chinta
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With options aplenty, consumers are more price-conscious than ever; but at the same time are willing to pay extra for same-day delivery if it saves time and energy.

Faster delivery options are more important than ever before in securing a sale and with that rush, merchants offer express, on-demand, and same-day delivery services which are growing at an unprecedented rate.

Growth in Same-Day Delivery: Recent studies show that digital natives expect instant gratification and fulfillment speeds comparable to what they anticipate from brick and mortar retail stores, at minimal delivery cost. As same-day delivery becomes a more common shipping option for individuals shopping with online retailers. Same day delivery demand grew by 82% between 2017 to 2018.

As all things digital become more integrated into daily life, customers are blending their online and in-person retail experiences and expect the same from their retailers. The expectation of instant consumer gratification has businesses scrambling to shore up their supply chain to ensure cost-effective same-day delivery, which is where omnichannel strategy comes into play.

Omnichannel Strategy: Is an overall business strategy that delivers a seamless experience from the customer’s perspective. Every way a buyer interacts with a company: online, in-store, mobile app, email, and user experience are connected. To deliver this seamless experience, sellers tie sales and marketing activities in a central data hub, shift to a customer-centric approach in all areas, and employ analytics at all levels.


Omnichannel supply chain strategy seeks to synchronize inventory, logistics and distribution functions across all sales channels to meet customer demand.

  • Segmented Supply Chain Processes: In general companies handle multiple warehouses and distribution centers, managed by different in-house and outsourced operators, that run on different systems. This results in a complex and unmanageable supply chain processes.

  • Inventory Positioning: In the world of same-day delivery, it is crucial that supply chains position inventory at the right locations at the right levels, which directly impacts sales.
  • Last Mile Delivery: Companies are investing in last mile delivery options at an alarming rate as the customer service hinges on its performance. Amazon expanding its last mile partners and investments in prime trucks; Target’s acquisition of Shipt for same-day delivery are some examples.

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