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Digital Transformation Webinar: Total Cost of Ownership & the Benefits of Going Digital

December 2, 2019 Posted by: Mathew DeFreitas
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Typical total cost of ownership (TCO) practices account for known costs like material, inventory, freight, labor, indirect costs, and capital. However, accounting for the many other variables that make up the true total cost, and the interaction between them, can help drive better decision making.

In this webinar, CGN Partner, Rick Diefenderfer shares the benefits of using TCO for improved decision making and how using a digital cost of ownership (DTCO) visibility platform:

  • Goes beyond known costs to account for many variables that constitute the true total cost
  • Reveals the cause and effect of those costs and the effect of interaction between them at a granular level
  • Provides visibility that allows one to take action quickly to alleviate cost pressures
Rick concludes with a detailed demonstration of the platform, created by Tada Cognitive Solutions

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