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Engaging Key Suppliers

May 24, 2018 Posted by: CGN Team

Engaging Key Suppliers

Suppliers and OEMs have an important stake in each others' success. Often, suppliers have deep expertise in cost drivers and new technologies relevant to the OEM's products. Leveraging this relationship through collaboration can help spur innovation and drive gains for both parties.

In this Executive Insight Podcast, Sundeep Maini, Principle, describes how suppliers have worked very closely and collaboratively with OEMs to design efficiencies in their product development, helping them launch industry-leading products.

This podcast is part of the Institute for Supplier Collaboration, founded by CGN to provide a forum for sharing insights on key business challenges, case studies on what’s really working, and practical tips that manufacturers can easily implement to improve their supplier relationships. For information, podcasts and white papers on the subject, visit the ISC site.