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The History of ICD, coding changes throughout the years & the positive impact on medical billing to ICD-10

By Vicki Battioli

PEORIA, IL – In the world of Healthcare, nothing is easy.  You can only continue to strive and look forward to better and more consistent practices.  ICD, is an example of an effort to better Healthcare practices. 

ICD stands for International Classification of Diseases. It is the diagnosis coding system, which became a requirement through Medicare in the 1980s.

This coding system is utilized as a means of processing the large and often complex volume of claims submitted to the federal government.

Shortly after Medicare began requiring use of the system, most commercial insurance providers followed suit, as a means of streamlining overall billing.

Establishing the Optimal Supply Chain

By Tom Rauch, Kailas Mote & Vijay Venkatasamy

Are you finding the complexity of Supply Chain network configurations are stalling important decisions for your company?

Supply Chain Network Analysis designs and optimizes your supply chain. CGN Global (CGN) assists its clients creating a new supply chain, adding to the current supply chain or evaluating effectiveness to assess an existing one.